The Problem with “Quick Fix” Diets

You’re at your annual physical and your nurse leads you to that dreaded scale. After removing your shoes and all the contents from your pockets, you step on and the number comes up. After a year of quarantine and a...

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StarMed Now Offering Pre-Exposure COVID-19 Prevention with Evusheld

StarMed Healthcare is proud to offer the drug Evusheld for the pre-exposure prevention of COVID-19 in certain people What is Evusheld and Who Is It For? Evusheld, manufactured by AstraZeneca, is a new COVID-19 protective measure that is designed to...

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Gulp! If taken early, COVID-19 pill treatment works

Antiviral pills can lessen COVID-19 symptoms and reduce your risk of being hospitalized Susan Billings said she isn’t a huge fan of taking pills as medication. But she’d just been diagnosed with COVID-19. She had other health concerns that could...

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StarMed Healthcare TuckaseeGee Road

StarMed Urgent Care: Clearing Up Some Myths

Here are some myths and the facts that tell the real story about Urgent Care centers. By Maxine Hattie StarMed Family & Urgent Care centers are care outlets you can go to for medical emergencies that aren't life-threatening, such as...

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cold and flu

So You Tested Positive for COVID-19. What Now?

You're not feeling great after a recent positive test result for COVID-19. It's normal, here are a few things you can do while you recover. It’s been almost two years since we all first heard about COVID-19 (yes, it’s really...

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Charlottean Clayton Sealey delivers meals and smiles to StarMed

Almost $3,000 was raised by Clayton Sealey in partnership with many Charlotte residents to deliver a local meal and a smile to StarMed Healthcare and other area healthcare workers during the height of the pandemic. Clayton Sealey said his goal...

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Why you should get a free Vitamin D shot

Vitamin D is important to help your body function and it protects against several health problems. Sunlight is a reliable source of Vitamin D, but during the winter it is harder to get enough exposure because there are fewer daylight...

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To parents still deciding about their child’s vaccination

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that everyone 5 years & older get a COVID-19 vaccine.  We feel for you. You received your COVID-19 vaccinations, you’ve been wearing masks to protect yourself and others, and you’re vigilant about keeping your older...

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What is the Omicron Variant?

All viruses naturally can mutate. Mutations mean changes on different parts of a virus. Some mutations can make the virus spread faster, some can make them more dangerous. There is unfortunately no way of knowing what kinds of mutations can...

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Clinic is perfectly suited for the community around it

Alicia Allman, PA, is convinced the StarMed Family & Urgent Care clinic in east Charlotte is in a perfect location. StarMed Healthcare's east Charlotte urgent care facility “You’re going to get great care quickly,” said Allman, who has worked in...

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COVID Antibody Therapy

What is the Truth About COVID Antibody Therapy?

In a world where news about vaccines, mandates and treatments related to COVID-19 seems to change by the week, and where far too many people are being exposed to misinformation over social media, it can be hard to know what’s...

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text that says the truth about covid-19 vaccines

Facts About the COVID-19 Vaccine That Everyone Should Know

Many myths have circulated social media and news outlets since the onset of COVID-19 and specifically about the COVID-19 vaccines. As healthcare professionals, we can't sit idly by and allow the truth about COVID-19 vaccines to go unheard. Here are...

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image of words Protect yourself from COVID-19 & the flu

Studies Recommend Receiving Flu and COVID-19 Vaccines

It’s hard to imagine it in the midst of our recent heat waves, but fall is only a month away, and with the fall comes the flu. We know, we know: Who’s even thinking about the flu and its vaccine...

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