Patient: “I Was Really Sick.” StarMed Had Her Quick COVID-19 Treatment!

Usually, it’s the doctor who makes a follow-up phone call. This time, it was patient Janet Mullinax instead.

Mullinax was so pleased with the outcome of her monoclonal antibody treatment after she contracted COVID-19 in September, she called StarMed Healthcare to reiterate her thanks.

“I had to call back, it was on my heart,” she said. “I just wanted to tell them how much they can help people. I have been singing StarMed’s praises to everyone about it.”

Mullinax, 65, fits into a high-risk patient category because she battles diabetes and severe arthritis. Even though she’s a self-described germaphobe, she caught COVID-19 and made the fortunate decision to seek medical treatment quickly.

Mullinax, who lives in Charlotte, didn’t feel well on a Friday. The next day, her temperature surged past 100 degrees. She took a COVID-19 test.


Her primary care physician explained two treatment options for people with mild-to-moderate symptoms:

  • Monoclonal injection therapy is most effective when administered within seven days of being diagnosed with COVID-19. (It’s a one-time injection).
  • Antiviral pill therapy is most effective when taken within five days of being diagnosed. (It’s a five-day treatment)

There is no cost to the patient for either therapy.

After her telemedicine interview with a StarMed Healthcare provider to determine the best course of treatment, Mullinax headed to a clinic for the monoclonal antibody injection. It had been four days since she caught the virus, and she was feeling much worse.

“On the way there, I could barely breathe,” she said. “I knew that if I laid down, I probably wouldn’t be able to swallow. I was really sick.”

Mullinax’s medical turnaround began soon after her monoclonal antibody injection at StarMed’s Wendover clinic, which involved receiving the injection, then waiting one hour in the clinic to make sure there weren’t any complications.

“By the time I left the clinic I could breathe again and swallow,” she said. “It was like a light switch went off. I felt great after that.”

Mullinax said she likes to take control of her healthcare and isn’t shy about asking questions to determine what her best options are. In this case, she’s glad StarMed had the treatment she urgently needed.

“I cannot tell enough people about how StarMed helped me,” she said. “I tell everyone I can.”If you need treatment for COVID-19, StarMed Healthcare offers options if you have mild-to-moderate symptoms. Click here to register for treatment options that can help prevent your illness from becoming worse.