Charlottean Clayton Sealey delivers meals and smiles to StarMed

Almost $3,000 was raised by Clayton Sealey in partnership with many Charlotte residents to deliver a local meal and a smile to
StarMed Healthcare and other area healthcare workers during the height of the pandemic.

Clayton Sealey said his goal was to “create smiles and fill bellies.”

Combining his sharp organizing skills with the Charlotte community’s willingness to donate, Sealey accomplished his goal. His efforts landed tasty breakfast food and coffee to StarMed Healthcare testing locations, a large ‘thank you’ from the community they serve.

StarMed staff members, on their feet most of their work shifts and with testing lines that never seemed to end, enjoyed the treat and the generosity attached to it.

Sealey, an accomplished Twitter and Instagram personality (usually posting about Charlotte development), was talking with his friend Pat Finn (@PfinnVT), who mentioned he’d like to donate to somehow help healthcare workers during the crush of the omicron variant. Sealey had experience raising donations for World Central Kitchen when he worked in New York.

A goal of $500 was mentioned.

Nah, Sealey thought. We can do more.

“I decided I could use my platform to buy lunch and coffee for a lot of dedicated people,” he said. “We ended up raising about $3,000 in donations.”

Merchants chipped in to create the treats, such as three gallons of Hex Coffee, El Toro Bruto (tacos, in varieties of bacon, veggie, chorizo and livermush) and pastries from Leah & Louise. They were a welcome surprise on what turned out to be a chilly morning. Sealey has organized several drop-offs to various medical locations in Charlotte.

Sealey (his handle is @CLTdevelopment) thanked StarMed staffers with this tweet: “I know it hasn’t been easy on anybody, and I hope this nightmare is over soon. Stay well, be healthy, keep hustlin’.”

Thank you, Clayton.