Our Leadership Team is designed to support key organizational functions and develop strategic goals while holding teams accountable for producing results.

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Michael Estramonte | President

As the President of StarMed Healthcare, Mike provides the vision and mission for the company. As an entrepreneur, Mike continually takes on new challenges and opportunities that support company growth. His passion for underserved communities and access to affordable healthcare continues to resonate with and support his long term goals.

Jim Estramonte | Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of Starmount Healthcare, Jim implements the mission and vision for the company. His leadership skills and organizational experience forged during 29 years in the United States Coast Guard are valuable assets as the company continues to grow and help underserved communities. He leads the development and execution of operational policies and the organization’s long- and short-term strategic plans.

Dorothy Mason | Chief People Officer

Throughout her 30-year career, Dorothy has received numerous awards and recognition as a healthcare business leader and educator. Her clinical and administrative background provides a wealth of knowledge in the training, coaching, and development of strong business teams. Her focus on quality performance, and passion for providing excellent patient care supports StarMed’s vision for providing affordable quality care to the community.

Tracey Hummell | Chief Operating Officer

With a background in Human Resources and Administration, Tracey’s role is to execute the business plan, integrate and support the company goals and provide the operational oversight to the key functions across the organization. Tracey is a key driver behind building a company culture that fosters employee engagement and satisfaction which translates to a positive patient experience.

Mike Vander Baan | Chief Strategy Officer

Mike brings value to lead strategic development and initiatives while maintaining an entrepreneurial vision towards delivering higher quality of care and improved access for all. He has been recognized for providing visionary leadership, strong Physician partnerships, and adept P&L logic and decisiveness. This enables StarMed’s growth and ability to reach beyond our immediate area of service to achieve our mission.

Jessica Graham | Chief Infrastructure & Compliance Officer

Jessica, as Chief Infrastructure & Compliance Officer, directs Starmount’s Infrastructure Department, including facility builds, remodels and maintenance. She also manages the company’s compliance program, ensuring effective implementation of its policies and procedures and adherence to applicable rules and regulations. Jessica brings experience specializing in administrative, construction, and finance. Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with her family either outdoors or at sporting events. They love baseball and softball, and spend most of their free time at the ballfield.
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Brennan Goldsmith | Chief Financial Officer

Brennan’s myriad of responsibilities includes the organization’s finances, accounting, and analytics. He drives the company’s financial planning and analysis, which includes budgeting and forecasting. He provides financial data and strategy to support the company’s short- and long-term initiatives, as well as coordinating with the executive team to help them better evaluate and execute business decisions. That includes opportunities such as real estate, business growth, and other key acquisitions.