To parents still deciding about their child’s vaccination

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that everyone 5 years & older get a COVID-19 vaccine. 

We feel for you. You received your COVID-19 vaccinations, you’ve been wearing masks to protect yourself and others, and you’re vigilant about keeping your older loved ones safe. It’s a daily struggle that sometimes seems unending, but you’ve persevered. Now, your young children are eligible to be vaccinated, but you haven’t made a decision about that.

Get your children vaccinated. Now’s the time.

We, the staff at StarMed Healthcare, love our children beyond all measure. Just like you do. We would do anything to protect our children from harm. It’s been that way since we first looked into their innocent, loving eyes. Vaccines have always been a part of their young lives, from mumps and polio to hepatitis and the flu. As parents, we take them to the doctor when they’re sick and follow a plan to keep them as safe as we can.

It’s time to enhance that safety with a COVID-19 vaccination. A wait-and-see attitude doesn’t work because the virus continues to spread throughout the U.S. The overwhelming majority of those who get infected are unvaccinated.

Your child will be exposed to COVID-19, if they haven’t been already. Getting them vaccinated will help them from becoming severely ill or suffer long-term complications from the virus. Also, you’re not just protecting your child, you’re helping everyone. A vaccinated child helps protect grandparents they come in contact with, or teachers, teammates on a sports team and any person in their lives who may have high-risk medical conditions.

Many parents put their children into clinical trials to test Pfizer, Modera and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. The evidence shows that side effects are minimal. Perhaps you’ve heard talk about myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle), but those cases are extremely rare in children. And, chances of suffering myocarditis are much higher if your child gets sick with COVID-19.

We at StarMed Healthcare know the vaccines work and are proud to have been on the forefront vaccinating people since early 2020. Vaccines work best when everyone is protected. Children are important in your lives, and they’re important in helping stop the spread of COVID-19. The more of us that get vaccinated, the fewer of us that will become infected, including children.

You shouldn’t be waiting. Protect your child now.
Make your appointment today at StarMed Healthcare. Let’s end this pandemic together.

With warmest regards,
The staff at StarMed Healthcare