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StarMed provides flexible and affordable solutions for your family.

Insurance & Self Pay

StarMed Family & Urgent Care believes your care should come first. We offer affordable flat rate visits allowing patients to be at ease during their visit knowing a surprise bill wont show up. Providers communicate with patients to be sure an informed decision is made and your getting the treatment you need with the service you deserve. You may also use insurance to pay for your visit. StarMed Family & Urgent Care accepts all major insurances and is in-network with many insurances (see complete list below). 

StarMed Family & Urgent Care is in-network with:

Payment Policies

We would like to thank you for choosing StarMed Healthcare as your healthcare provider. We are committed to providing five star care and service for every patient. The following information outlines your financial responsibilities related to payment for medical services.

Please bring your insurance card with you at time of your visit. We participate with most major insurance plans. We have contracts with multiple insurance companies and government agencies including Medicare and Medicaid. Our administrative office will file claims for services provided to a patient. It is the patient’s responsibility to provide all necessary information before leaving the clinic. If you have a secondary insurance we will file a claim with them after the primary carrier has paid.

You are responsible to pay all co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles at the time of care. The contracts that we have with insurance plans do not allow us to waive or write off your co-insurance amounts; we are required to collect such amounts at the time of service. We bill participating insurance plans as a courtesy to you. If we have not received payment from your insurance plan within 90 days of the date of service, you may be expected to pay the balance in full. You are responsible for charges not processed by your insurance plan.

In the event that you have an unpaid balance from your insurance plan, you will receive a statement from our office identifying insurance payments and your balance due. Payment in full is expected when you receive your statement. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 704-941-6000 if you wish to set up payment arrangements on your unpaid balances.

Self Pay (No insurance)

Payment is required at the time services are rendered in the clinic. Any remaining balance due to additional services will be paid upon checkout.

Self pay rate includes visit with provider and 2 in-house lab services. Any additional services will be collected at the end of your visit.

New Patient Rate: $139
Returning Patient Rate $109

No Show Policy

In an effort to maximize the time your physician spends with you and minimize your wait time, we have made changes to our No-Show Policy effective 5/15/2023.

It is important that you keep scheduled appointments. Appointments that are not canceled or rescheduled at least 4 hours before the appointment time may be counted as a missed or No Show appointments. Patient/parent will receive a $25.00 no show fee assessment.


A $25 returned check fee will be assessed to your account for any returned checks. Please note this charge is billed by StarMed and may be in addition to any fees associated with your banking institution.

Billing FAQs

Why did I receive a bill for the Lab test completed at StarMed?
If you receive a bill for your lab test from an outside lab (Labtech, Quest, ect.) Please reach out to the lab company billing department to assist with your questions. StarMed does not handle the billing process for these outside labs.

Why do I owe additional cost after paying my co-payment at my visit?
Your remaining balance responsibility is based on your insurance plan coverage. Some plans have a co-payment and a deductible or coinsurance. Your explanation of benefits from your insurance company will detail how your claim was paid by them and potential remaining balance due.

Is my insurance in network with StarMed?
StarMed is in-network with most major insurance plans, however if you have questions on your specific coverage, please contact your insurance company to verify your benefits. The contact phone number can be found on your insurance card.

Why is my balance due more than the StarMed self-pay rate?
Your balance is based on your insurance plan benefits for your entire visit. Our self pay price list provides guidance to patients without insurance coverage for services and may not reflect the entirety of your visit.

How long will it be before I receive a statement from StarMed?
Self Pay – Patient statements are generated the 15th of each month and sent via mail.
Insurance- Patient statements will be generated the 15th of the month following your insurance carrier processing your claim. This process can take 60-90 days following your visit. In some cases claims may be delayed due to your insurance company requesting additional information from StarMed.

I provided insurance information, why am I being billed for my entire visit fee?
In some cases, your insurance company may reach out to you directly and request additional information. These requests must be completed in order for your insurance company to pay your claim. If you do not respond to the request from your insurance for information, you may receive a bill from StarMed.

I have a secondary insurance policy. Will StarMed bill both of my insurance plans?
Yes, StarMed will bill your primary insurance plan first, once payment has been received your secondary policy will be billed. If there is any remaining balance due once both policies pay you will receive a statement from StarMed.

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