Gulp! If taken early, COVID-19 pill treatment works

Antiviral pills can lessen COVID-19 symptoms and reduce your risk of being hospitalized

Susan Billings said she isn’t a huge fan of taking pills as medication.

But she’d just been diagnosed with COVID-19. She had other health concerns that could potentially put her in a higher-risk category.  Billings turned to her son, a nurse, for advice. He recommended the COVID-19 antiviral pill treatment available at StarMed Healthcare.

Billings, on her third day after being diagnosed, connected with a doctor through a virtual visit and was screened to begin the treatment.

“I took four pills that first day and felt better,” she said. “The next day, I took the two sets I was instructed to, and felt much better.”

The antiviral pills can lessen COVID-19 symptoms and reduce your risk of being hospitalized. If you have mild-to-moderate symptoms, you can sign up for a cost-free Virtual Visit from the comfort of your own home or call from one of our testing locations to speak with a StarMed provider who can prescribe you the treatment.

Billings, 56, stuck to her prescribed five-day treatment of 40 pills and hasn’t looked back.

“I feel wonderful, and I did during the whole process,” she said.

The pill treatment is most effective if you begin as soon as you’re diagnosed with COVID-19.

And what would Billings suggest to someone considering the pill treatment?

“Go get the pills,” she said. “They do work.”

The pill treatment is not a substitute for a COVID-19 vaccination, which is still your best defense against the virus. For more information about StarMed treatment options, click here.