Hey, parents! Sign up your children ages 5-11 for a COVID-19 vaccination

Getting your child vaccinated against COVID-19 can help them return to doing what they did before the pandemic began.

Don’t you want them safe when they’re in school? How about when they’re playing on a sports team? Or hanging out with friends?

And, with the holidays approaching, it’s important to keep youngsters, their families, and their extending families safe to celebrate together.

A COVID-19 vaccination – now available for children ages 5-11 – can protect your child against the virus, and the people around your child. If they do become infected with the virus, they may not become as sick as they would without the vaccine.

If you have children ages 5 and older, you can pre-book their Pfizer vaccine appointment today. Click here and follow the registration process. Appointments are available in early November, which is perfect timing before the holiday season.

There is no cost to you to get vaccinated, with or without insurance.

COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. Millions of adults and teenagers worldwide have received the vaccine.

To fully protect your child, they’ll need a second shot of the vaccine three weeks after their first shot. The vaccination is scaled down for children ages 5-11. Their dose of the Pfizer vaccine is one-third that which an adult would receive. A smaller needle is used for the injection, so it won’t look as frightening to many children (and perhaps nervous parents).