Emergency Response. Here and abroad.

StarMed Healthcare is creating a database of medical professionals for rapid emergency response disaster relief throughout the United States and abroad.


Both within the US and abroad, there are ever increasing needs for agile, experienced medical professionals.

StarMed Healthcare is building a database of these professionals who we can reach out to when emergencies happen anywhere in the world where healthcare is desperately needed.

We are searching for heroes with medical backgrounds in urgent care, primary care, occupational medicine and immigration services who have the flexibility to travel across the US and abroad on short notice.

StarMed Healthcare is creating a database of medical professionals for rapid response disaster relief around the world and throughout the United States.

We’re seeking professionals who can provide:

  • Urgent care and IV hydration services – In many emergency situations, people need immediate urgent treatment that can’t wait for a regularly scheduled appointment. You would be providing timely medical intervention to decrease the chance of the patient’s condition worsening.
  • Primary care services – You’ll be addressing most of a patient’s personal health care needs, developing a sustained partnership with patients, and practicing in the context of family and community.
  • Occupational medicine services – You’ll be treating job-related injuries and illnesses, helping create better safety conditions and enabling patients to remain productive and protected.
  • Immigration services – People needing medical assistance in emergency situations also often need help analyzing and researching applications, forms, and requests. Examples includes visas, a change in immigration status, petitions for family members, etc.
  • Dental care services Provide emergency dental services with the ability to extract teeth, treat abscesses, and fillings and other routine emergencies.

Our Why.

Throughout the world, there is an increasing range and complexity of disasters, which is why creating this database of people who can help is important to StarMed Healthcare. We want to continue supporting the diversity of communities we serve and expand to be ready to serve those in emergency need, anywhere in the world. 

Register today.

If you have a desire to travel and deliver quality healthcare with our team, please send us your information using the form below. Examples of times we may contact you could include serving people affected by hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, and wildfires, along with any other unforeseen disaster, such as a travel event, war, disease epidemic, drought, or biological hazard.

In times of emergency, every helping hand is valuable, especially those who can provide medical care. Our mission is to be able to deploy anywhere in the world.

Registering for this database does NOT require you to accept the position. Further details such as pay structure and locations will be sent to you privately.