US Immigration Physical Exams

At StarMed Healthcare, we are proud to take care of all your Immigration Physical Exam needs. These include your Green Card Medical exam and your Immigration Immunization. We’ll also assist in filling out and submitting your I-693 paperwork.

Medical examinations are required by the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) to obtain a US green card or US citizenship. Only doctors designated by the USCIS as civil surgeons can complete an immigration exam. StarMed Healthcare provides all necessary medical services to fulfill immigration exam requirements for US citizenship applicants of all ages.

Immigration Physical Exam FAQs

If I have a health plan, will it cover these services?

What do I need to bring with me to the Immigration Physical?

Please ensure that you bring the following items to your Immigration Physical:

You will also be required to fill out a complete patient information sheet.

Can any Doctor in the U.S. perform an Immigration Physical as required by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services?

What basic services and procedures are included within the Immigration Physical?

The basic Immigration Physical includes the following:

Please note that there may be additional services required (such as required vaccinations and follow-up chest x-ray for TB testing)

What if my immunization records are from a foreign country and in a foreign language?

What is comprised within the actual Immigration Physical Examination?

The full INS immigration exam is very simple and requires only 4 basic steps and two office visits as follows:

What occurs after the Immigration Physical Exam?

Do I need an appointment for my Immigration Physical Exam?