Blessing Centers

Blessing Centers are an offspring of StarMed Healthcare and The Blessing Foundation. These centers provide Primary Care to uninsured and underinsured patients. They also serve as community resource centers designed to support a variety of programs and healthcare services.


The “Blessing Foundation” is named after Kathleen Estramonte, a retired Elementary and Special Education School Teacher, who modeled the teacher’s role in supporting healthcare in society and children. Kathleen’s mission was to influence the lives of children by providing basic healthcare needs and other life skills that vulnerable children may not have otherwise been given access.

Our Mission

To Serve our communities through family centered care while assisting in navigating a successful path to self-sufficiency, stability and safety.

Operating Model

Blessing Centers are Nonprofit Family Practices that provide primary care services to all age ranges through a sliding scale model. We tailor our service offerings based upon the needs and interests of individual families. Our comprehensive services range from education and counseling, to food and nutrition, medical services and imaging.

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